Cavs Land Lakers’ LeBron James In NBA Trade Proposal

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It used to be standard for an NBA player to spend his entire career with one team. In 2024, it’s exceedingly rare. For several reasons, it seldom happens anymore. 

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has had something to do with that. When he first left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat, it sparked the player empowerment movement. From that moment onwards, James rejoined the Cavaliers – only to rejoin them for the Los Angeles Lakers. 

James will be remembered for traveling. Still, if he’s remembered on one team, it will be the Cavaliers. That’s his hometown squad, and the title he won with them came in a classic NBA Finals.

Could James end up reuniting with the Cavaliers? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: G Darius Garland, G/F Isaac Okoro 

Cleveland Cavaliers Receive: G/F LeBron James 

You’ll find a lot of opinions about James’ decisions. Some will say that he was disloyal to the Cavaliers. They’ll argue that he should have stuck with the team that drafted him. 

Others will say those critics are being overly idealistic. James recognized his own value. He left the Cavaliers after they failed to put a title contender around him. Nobody should blame him for serving his interests – James won two titles as a member of the Heat. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers Updates

It’s interesting. For all of the moving James has done, he’s never been traded. As it stands, the rumors surrounding the possibility that the Lakers could move him are as loud as any trade rumors he’s faced in his career. Could they send him back to Cleveland? 

Why The Los Angeles Lakers Do The Deal 

If the Lakers move James, it’ll be to improve their future outlook. As it stands, they’re light on draft capital, and their roster is aging. They’d move James to prepare for the next decade. 

They’d have to look elsewhere if they wanted more draft capital than this. The Cavaliers are also light on future first-round picks. On the other hand, the Lakers could justify moving James for a younger, lesser star. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers Updates

Why not Garland? The Lakers are the most glamorous market in the league. They don’t need to build through the draft. Adding a young, star guard like Garland to their nucleus will keep them competitive and in the market for other stars. Should the Cavaliers put them in that position? 

Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal 

We’ve been talking about the Cavaliers’ odd roster construction for some time. The backcourt is too small, the frontcourt is too big, and they’re lacking wing depth. This team solves at least two of those issues. 

After all, James can play point guard. He’s also a wing. This deal balances the Cavaliers’ roster. They’ll likely pursue another guard in the summer. That’s fine. James is playing at a level where the Cavaliers can feel confident that he’ll be a star contributor next season. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland Cavaliers Updates

Is James, Donovan Mitchell, and Evan Mobley, a talented enough trio to win an NBA title? We think so. The Cavaliers could move Jarrett Allen to continue balancing their roster. James won’t have spent his whole career with them – but that doesn’t mean he can’t retire there. 

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