NBA Agent Reveals How Much Money OG Anunoby Could Cost

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One of the more intriguing free agents people will be keeping an eye on during the 2024 NBA offseason is New York Knicks forward OG Anunoby. New York will certainly be motivated to keep him long-term as they surrendered some key assets to acquire him from the Toronto Raptors earlier this season.

The Knicks sent RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley and a second-round pick via the Detroit Pistons to Toronto. That isn’t the kind of package a team surrenders in a trade for a rental; it is clear they want to keep Anunoby in New York long-term.

But, it will not be cheap to retain him. There were whispers that he could take a discount to remain with the Knicks, but it is hard to imagine the first time a player hits free agency that he won’t be looking to cash in on his full value.

NBA NEWS & SCORES: OG Anunoby, 2024 NBA Free Agency, New York Knicks Updates

What could that full value be? Tim Cato, a staff writer at The Athletic, was answering questions on X. One of the questions asked was what Anunoby’s next contract could look like given the injury concerns he comes with. Even with those concerns, Anunoby’s floor, according to an agent Cato spoke to, is $37.5 million annually.

That is about in line with what another NBA executive told Heavy Sports, as they shared that Anunoby will be looking to break the bank. A max contract isn’t going to be on the table, but a deal that pays him $40 million annually is certainly within reason the executive believes.

There are clear risks to giving a player like Anunoby a contract of that size. He has played in only 17 out of a possible 43 games with the Knicks as he works through an elbow issue. Anunoby missed 18 games after undergoing surgery on his elbow, came back to play in three and has been sidelined since.

The injuries are a major concern, as he has played in 67+ games in only four out of seven seasons in the NBA. But, his impact cannot be ignored. When he has been on the court for the Knicks, they have been arguably the best team in the NBA.

NBA NEWS & SCORES: OG Anunoby, 2024 NBA Free Agency, New York Knicks Updates

With Anunoby in the lineup, New York is 15-2. One of those losses came without Jalen Brunson in the lineup and despite being defeated twice, Anunoby has finished every game with a positive plus/minus ratio to this point in his Knicks career.

New York could look to work out a deal that pays a little less to protect themselves against injuries occurring again. Alas, it is hard to imagine him not “breaking the bank” as he has been as impactful of a player this season as any in the NBA when healthy.

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