3 New Kevin Durant Trades For Brooklyn Nets To Consider

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The Brooklyn Nets have probably considered every Kevin Durant trade scenario under the sun after the recent onslaught of NBA trade rumors.

Of course, some destinations are viewed as more likely than others. The Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors, and Miami Heat are frequently linked to Durant.

On occasion, the Wizards are too. Any other proposal begins to feel more like a pipedream than a real possibility.

With that said, sometimes dreams come true. Furthermore, with the Nets apparently struggling to find a suitable return for their superstar, they may have to start thinking outside the box.

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If they’re willing to, they should be able to find a suitor. This is, as it’s been said, Kevin Durant we’re talking about here. Even as he approaches 34, he’s one of the very best players in the NBA.

Here are three trades you probably haven’t seen proposed very often.