These 4 Teams Should Look To Trade Down In 2022 NBA Draft

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For fans of the team’s cellar-dwellers, the NBA Draft is arguably the high point of the entire season.

It’s an event that will shape the direction of their franchise for years to come. The right choice could make or break a front office. Draft picks have almost singlehandedly made and broken the careers of many of the league’s general managers.

Still, the draft isn’t only for lottery teams. Most of the league’s 30 clubs make a selection in the first round.

For stronger teams, the draft might be more of an opportunity to add reliable rotation pieces. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to land an impact veteran.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: These 4 Teams Should Trade Up In 2022 NBA Draft

Often, that comes by way of trading down. Some teams will prioritize a higher selection, while some other teams may prioritize a player on the team looking to move up. In that situation, a trade is often born.

Here are four teams who should look to trade down in the 2022 NBA Draft.