5 NBA teams who could make a run at Rajon Rondo in free agency

The days of Rajon Rondo looked numbered but then he joined the Los Angeles Lakers. He did not serve as the full-time starter at the point guard position but he was able to resurrect his career and play well in big moments.

Playoff Rondo was on full display as the Lakers won the NBA Championship in the bubble. He continued to be an elite passer and great decision maker. Rondo is currently 15th all-time in assists and 10th in assists per game.

The 15-year veteran is currently a free agent and proved that he has plenty left in the tank. His impact during the NBA Finals and in key moments of the playoffs, in general, should be more than enough to draw interest from teams around the NBA.

Now, we have to wait and see where he ends up. There are plenty of teams who should be interested in one of the best point guards of his generation. Rondo is a leader who knows how to win and has done it a lot in the past. Is there a character issue? After Rondo left Boston, he played for four teams in four years before landing in Los Angeles. This is not something to worry about.

Rajon Rondo is going to be a strong rotation player for a team for a few more years. Now that he is a free agent, these five teams should be in touch trying to make a deal.