This Nuggets-Pistons trade would send Gary Harris to Detroit

The Denver Nuggets have much of their core locked in moving forward, as Denver will continue to build around Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic after an incredibly inspiring performance in the NBA bubble. But could Denver trade one of its guards, such as Gary Harris?

In this Q&A in the Denver Post, Nuggets beat writer Michael Singer opined that there is a “real possibility” that Denver moves on from Harris this offseason in a trade.

If Denver hopes to acquire a star in exchange for Harris, the Nuggets would have to attach draft assets along with Harris in the package.

But where could Harris flourish? He’s been beset by injuries and he needs to remain healthy to make an impact. Harris played in 56 games last season, and 57 in 2018-19. Perhaps sending him to Detroit would help Harris get back on track.

Let’s take a look at a trade that would send Gary Harris to the Detroit Pistons, and analyze it for both teams.

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