New York Knicks Slip Up in Eastern Conference

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After making a push up the NBA Eastern Conference standings, the New York Knicks have taken a step back the last few games.

The Knicks were closing out the 2023-24 regular season very strongly, but back-to-back losses have hurt their chances of moving up to the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. After winning seven of eight games, New York was soaring up the standings and getting closer to securing their spot in the postseason.

Despite battling through injuries, the Knicks have been able to overcome a lot of obstacles and have emerged as a contender in the conference. While the Knicks are safely in the playoffs, they had a chance of securing home-court advantage through the first two rounds. Unfortunately, the Knicks have slipped up in their last two games and are now in fourth place in the conference.

Starting with a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, the Knicks then suffered a tough loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night. With the two losses, the Knicks are now three games behind the Milwaukee Bucks, who hold the second seed in the conference.

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In the big picture, the Knicks want to avoid the Boston Celtics as long as possible. The Celtics appear like the cream of the crop in the conference, and the Knicks have struggled against them this season.

If the Knicks could get to the second or third seed, they can avoid the Celtics until the Eastern Conference Finals. This would be ideal for New York, as Boston is the biggest obstacle to reaching the NBA Finals.

The Knicks still have eight games left this season, which is enough time to make a run. Of those eight games, they will be facing the Chicago Bulls three times, which could very well decide their fate. Chicago is destined for a spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament and may not have much to play for.

While the last two games were far from ideal, the Knicks do have time to get back to the third seed with the Cleveland Cavaliers going through their own struggles. Hopefully, the Knicks can bounce back and finish the season strong, heading into the NBA Playoffs with some positive momentum.

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