3 reasons the Brooklyn Nets should not trade Spencer Dinwiddie

What should the Brooklyn Nets do with Spencer Dinwiddie? A few weeks ago, there was no way there were going to trade the shooting guard. However, Kyrie Irving made his comeback from another injury and now fans are wondering if Dinwiddie is needed.

With the NBA trade deadline approaching, the Nets must make a decision soon. Dinwiddie is averaging 21.5 points, 6.5 assists, and 3.3 rebounds while hitting 42.1 percent of his shots from the floor. Moving him could be a smart move for the Nets in terms of a trade-off.

With teams looking for a solid scorer, there is a huge market for Dinwiddie. But there is no need to trade him. Even with a crowded backcourt which includes Irving and Caris LeVert, Dinwiddie is a must keep.

Here are 3 reasons why trading Spencer Dinwiddie is not a good idea.

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