Detroit Pistons: 3 Bold Predictions for Andre Drummond in 2018-19

Detroit Pistons: 3 Bold Predictions for Andre Drummond in 2018-19

Andre Drummond improved this past year vastly, as any regular Piston fan would know.

Not only did Drummond start to facilitate the offense, but the biggest weakness in his game was also shockingly improved. He went from shooting 38 percent from the free throw line on 4.1 attempts a game, to shooting 60 percent on 5.1 attempts a game in just one year.

Drummond just turned 25, where he also dropped his first rap album. At such a young age still, he still hasn’t hit anywhere near his ceiling. He has been posting videos all summer long of him shooting and practicing the three ball.

With Drummond reportedly making at least 200 threes a day from the corner, and new head coach Dwane Casey is in support of this, we could see an even more significant step taken by the big man this year.

Taking all this into consideration, and the fact the offense is going to different with a new coach and a full off-season with Blake Griffin, here are three bold predictions for Drummond.

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