Detroit Pistons: 3 Bold Predictions for Andre Drummond in 2018-19

Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Shoot Above 70 Percent from the Free Throw Line

Drummond made a shocking improvement from the free throw line this past season. Before the season, there was much talk of Drummond changing his routine at the stripe. Many were hopeful but very hesitant to believe that it would make any difference.

Along with the nose surgery, he had to improve his breathing and stamina, helped Drummond improve over 20 percent from the stripe!

What’s even more encouraging is that he shot a much better percentage on more attempts this past year. With such a large sample size, it’s fair to assume Drummond has found his inkling has the stripe.

Drummond didn’t see the Hack-a-Dre much last year, but when it was used it typically didn’t help the opposing team.

Drummons improved free throw shooting also encouraged him to be more physical in the paint and willing to take on contact. In the past, Drummond would avoid contact for fear of having to shoot free throws. Now, he welcomes the contact and often creates it.

Going from 60 percent shooting to 70 percent shooting would be quite the asking price for many, but maybe not for a player who improved it over 20 percent the year before.

If Drummond were to get his percentage above 70, his points per game could see a large increase. Drummond could realistically be looking at averaging 20 points and 16 rebounds over the course of the season.

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