Los Angeles Lakers Acquire Kevin Love In Major Trade Scenario

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Sometimes, life goes according to plan. Sometimes. Other times, it deviates from the course. That’s not always a bad thing, either. The same is the case in the NBA.

Sure, you may have been holding out for an expected outcome, but if you’re lucky, an unexpected consequence can prove to be more beneficial than you’d ever expected. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are hoping for some of that good fortune. After all, most fans likely expected Russell Westbrook to be wearing a different uniform by now. Yet, there was Westbrook on media day, still donning the purple-and-gold. 

Perhaps the Lakers will spend 2022-23 trying to find new ways to incorporate him into their offence. By now, it does feel like the most anticipated hypothetical deals must be off the table.

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Westbrook has been linked to the Pacers, Jazz, and Hornets for so long that, by now, it feels safe to assume that if they were going to trade for him, they would have. 

On the other hand, the San Antonio Spurs have emerged as another potential destination recently. Here’s a deal that has them landing Westbrook with some unexpected help from the Cleveland Cavaliers.