3 Last-Minute Trade Scenarios Ahead Of NBA Training Camp

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Do you feel it in the air? The NBA season is changing. Depending on where you live, it’s getting cooler. If it isn’t, blame global warming. It’s a serious issue. With that said, it’s not one we’re here to talk about.

After all, fall isn’t the only thing that’s around the corner. Soon enough, NBA basketball will get underway.

This is a time of excitement for diehard basketball fans – soon, they’ll be watching their favorite teams get back into action. 

For the most part, rosters are set. Training camp gets underway soon, and incorporating new players into a new plan is complicated.

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On the other hand, some deals will be worth the complications – if a trade is too good to pass up, it can still happen. 

In fact, there are several deals that we think still ought to go down. Here are three of them.