New Orleans Pelicans Land Jaylen Brown In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Often, when an NBA player hits a certain level, there’s a common expression you’ll hear: “This is his team, now”. 

Of course, that’s not literally true. In a literal sense, it’s the owner’s team. On the other hand, the owner is nothing without the players – or the coaches, or the fans, or the general manager. Realistically, that’s the nature of a team – it belongs to no one man. 

Still, we know what people mean when they say it. They’re saying that a player has emerged as the best player on a team and that nobody is more important to the team than the players themselves.

By that logic, if any one person can possess the team, it’s their best player. 

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics & New Orleans Pelicans Updates

Many would suggest that the Boston Celtics are Jayson Tatum’s team. On the other hand, some would protest that Jaylen Brown, if nothing else, deserves a seat at that table.

Here’s a deal that sends him to the New Orleans Pelicans instead.