Ranking 3 Best NBA Draft Landing Spots For Dyson Daniels

Dyson Daniels
NBA Analysis Network

Former G-League Ignite guard Dyson Daniels is already turning out to be one of the greatest risers in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Initially projected to go after the lottery, the young playmaker saw his name heat up after he measured to be nearly 6’8 with a 6’11 wingspan at the combine. This meant that Daniels wasn’t just a big guard anymore, he was a point forward who had the agility and length to guard nearly any position on the perimeter.

He’s been mocked now in the early lottery, with a lot of speculation that the Portland Trail Blazers would take him with the seventh-overall pick. Portland recently hired former ESPN draft analyst Mike Schmitz who had already shown a liking to Daniels before landing his new position with the Blazers. Shortly after Schmitz’s acquisition was announced, Daniels was brought in for a workout in front of Damian Lillard, no less.

Of course, as much as analysts, beat writers, and pundits like to say that a prospect going to a team is a sure thing, it rarely is unless it’s Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania spoiling a pick on Twitter mere seconds before it’s announced on live television.

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Daniels could be drafted anywhere between the top-five and the end of the lottery, allowing a lot of variance for how his rookie season will play out. As a pretty niche and unique player, where he begins his career could have a major influence on how successful he is in his early campaigns.

Here are the three best possible landing spots for the soon-to-be rookie: