This Kings-Wizards Trade Is Focused On De’Aaron Fox To D.C.

De'Aaron Fox
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There are certain NBA teams that continue to rebuild but have some room to make some big moves if they feel the need. This can be said about the Sacramento Kings. They have plenty of options to move in a deal and the Washington Wizards could line up well. This would not be the first time the Wizards made a blockbuster deal.

Washington has moved point guards such as John Wall and Russell Westbrook in back-to-back offseasons. If they do not view a player as a long-term piece, they are being put up for a trade. The exception is Bradley Beal.

The All-Star’s loyalty to the team that drafted him cannot be questioned. Beal has not requested a trade and has stuck with the Wizards through the down years. It is unknown if the Wizards will move Beal but if they decide to hold onto him, it would benefit the team to find another star to put next to him.

This is where the Kings could come into play. Sacramento has been featured in NBA trade rumors for over a year now but has not made that big move that could potentially change the direction of the franchise. It is likely that this move is made as the Kings continue to rebuild in the Western Conference.

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The Kings have not made the playoffs in 15 years and it is unlikely that this streak ends anytime soon. The Kings are certainly not a win-now team and this means they could move some big pieces in order to continue to build for the future.

When looking at this deal, it seems as though one team is trying to compete while the other continues to reshape. Let’s take a closer look and see how this trade might happen over the course of the year.