4 Surprising Names We Could See Traded Around The NBA

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With the dog days of August upon us, that means that the NBA offseason is entering a lull. The hecticness of the NBA Draft and free agency are behind us for the most part, as NBA Summer League in Las Vegas is also winding down.

A few free agents are lingering on the market that teams will try and bring onto the roster before training camp. But, for veterans such as J.J. Redick, some may wait until after training camp to select their new team to play with.

Whatever the case may be, the biggest moves of the offseason when it comes to free agency are behind us. Now, teams will look to fill out their rosters for when training camp begins next month and rosters are expanded for that time.

During training camp teams are allowed to have 20 players on the roster. Once the regular season rolls around, the roster maximum is 15 with two two-way player slots also available. With how many players showed out during NBA Summer League, some roster spots were earned whether it be with an NBA team or another league overseas.

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While teams are beginning to finalize their rosters, there are still some moves that could be made on the trade market. We haven’t seen too many deals consummated yet, but there are still some to be done.

It sounds as if it is a matter of when, not if, Ben Simmons is traded. Who else could be on the move sooner than later? Here are five surprising names we could see traded around the NBA.