3 trade packages that would send Bradley Beal to the Timberwolves

Bradley Beal, Timberwolves, Wizards,
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Timberwolves Go All-In?, Part With No. 1 Pick

Timberwolves Get: SG Bradley Beal
Wizards Get: 2020 First-Round Pick (No. 1 overall), G Jarrett Culver
, F/G Josh Okogie, F/G Jake Layman, F James Johnson

A combination of the No. 1 pick, two young players (Culver and Okogie), an upside play in Layman and Johnson to line up the money would be as close to all-in offer to get Beal for the Timberwolves as it could get–this side of including both 2020 first-round picks or another first-round pick in this deal anyway.

A 1-for-1 deal sending Russell to Washington would work, and Beal is the better player if we’re being honest. But that defeats the concept of the Timberwolves adding a third star.

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