Brooklyn Nets: 3 Areas to Improve to Contend for a Playoff Spot

The Brooklyn Nets have been missing in action from the playoffs for the past three seasons. Back then Lionel Hollins was the coach with Deron Williams still running the floor alongside Joe Johnson. The team was gone through significant changes both on and off the court as coach Kenny Atkinson and GM Sean Marks herald in a new era for Nets basketball.

They’ll need to take a marked jump in the wins column even to come close to sniffing postseason action. Last year they accumulated 28 wins, a far cry from the 43 that the Washington Wizards had as the 8th seed. A 15-win jump is improbable but not impossible.

The 76ers made a stunning 24-win improvement between the 2016-17 and 2017-18 season, though they had more talent at their disposal. The Trail Blazers made an 8-win jump with around the same roster at that time; that’s a more realistic aim for coach Atkinson and his crew.

The most recognizable change between last season and this upcoming season’s Nets teams is the depth on their roster. They have ready-made replacements at every position if an injury were to befall them. A clean bill of health won’t be the only thing Brooklyn is looking for as they strive to crack back into the playoff race.

Here are three ways the Nets make the playoffs in 2018-19.

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