Warriors’ Draymond Green Brutally Rips Into Kevin Durant

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Golden State Warriors’ standout, Draymond Green, is once again making headlines.

The outspoken forward has ignited a social media storm with the latest installment of his show, “The Draymond Green Show,” which has quickly gone viral. In this episode, Green didn’t hold back, labeling his former teammate Kevin Durant as “cowardly.”

“Him (Jusuf Nurkic) and Kevin (Durant) questioned my character before. As if you’re going to question somebody’s character about a basketball game like this isn’t real life. As if that doesn’t affect somebody’s pockets. Like, I think all of it was really cowardly…You gonna question somebody’s character, you got my phone number. If you hope I get the help I need, hit me and say that. So, like I said, I thought it was all cowardly. That’s where those emotions came from.”

This comment stemmed from Durant’s remarks following Green’s recent suspension and the subsequent exchange between the two after the Warriors’ victory over the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

The history between Green and Durant runs deep, having spent three successful seasons together in Golden State, securing two championships. However, since Durant’s departure, tensions have simmered between the two star players. Adding fuel to the fire is the budding rivalry between the Warriors and the Suns, partly fueled by Durant’s presence on the Phoenix roster.

With no remaining regular-season matchups between Golden State and Phoenix, any future encounters between the two teams would likely occur in the playoffs. Given Green’s propensity for stoking rivalries, particularly evident in his interactions with Jusuf Nurkic and Durant, such matchups promise to be highly charged affairs.

Kevin Durant undoubtedly aims to demonstrate his ability to clinch a championship without the support of Golden State’s veteran core, while Green has been vocal about his team’s achievements in Durant’s absence.

Returning from suspension, Green must tread carefully, avoiding crossing any lines, whether on or off the court. Warriors fans are likely eager for Green to redirect his focus towards on-court performance, considering his crucial role in the team’s recent resurgence.

Prioritizing assistance to the Warriors should remain his primary objective, reserving any confrontations with the Suns for potential playoff matchups, where his renowned intensity can truly shine.

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