Rockets Offseason Trade Proposal Lands Mikal Bridges From Nets

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Some teams around the NBA are instinctually linked. Perhaps due to a previous transaction, they can’t escape each other. Their fortunes are tied to one another. 

Look at the Houston Rockets and the Brooklyn Nets. A few years ago, the Nets sent the Rockets four unprotected first-round picks and three pick swaps in exchange for James Harden. Now, the Rockets control the Nets’ future. 

Could the Nets take their future back? This feels like a game of chicken. The Nets could convince the Rockets to send them their picks back. Could they finally do so by sending them Mikal Bridges this summer? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Jock Landale, G Jalen Green, 2025 First-Round Pick (Swap – BKN via HOU), 2026 First-Round Pick (BKN via HOU), 2027 First-Round Pick (Swap – BKN via HOU) 

Houston Rockets Receive: G/F Mikal Bridges

That Harden trade will live in infamy. It was one of the most consequential trades in modern NBA history. It was also highly controversial – on both sides. 

The Rockets were either praised as geniuses or dismissed as fools for making this move. Some felt that they needed something tangible in return for Harden.

Now, the Nets appear likely to send them a lottery pick in 2024. The Rockets already selected Tari Eason with a Nets pick and were able to land Cam Whitmore as a result of having one. This deal looks good for the Rockets. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Mikal Bridges, Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets Updates

It doesn’t look as good for the Nets. They gave up a historic amount of draft capital for a seasonal rental of Harden. With that said, give the Nets credit for trying to maximize a title window. Is it time for them to rebuild? 

Why The Brooklyn Nets Do The Deal 

Well, the Nets are resisting a rebuild due to not owning those picks. If they’re going to start over, they’ll have to deal with the Rockets. Otherwise, the Nets should be star-chasing. 

Isn’t rebuilding a more appealing course of action? The Nets get control of their draft back here. They could move other quality players on this roster for more picks. This deal helps the Nets move towards a fresh start. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Mikal Bridges, Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets Updates

It also lands them Jalen Green. He’s struggled in 2023-24, but he still has exceedingly high upside. If the Nets are rebuilding, they should be happy to bring him in. Should the Rockets part with him? 

Why The Houston Rockets Do The Deal 

Green has struggled in Houston. That’s not a huge concern. The Rockets have a surplus of exciting young players with star potential. At some point, they may want to move off of the one guy who doesn’t seem to be fitting in. 

If the Nets insist on the Rockets including their upcoming pick, the Rockets should either pass or withhold Green. That’s too much value for Bridges given that the pick is about to land in the lottery.

At this price, the Rockets would have to consider cutting ties with the first player they picked in the lottery during this era. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Mikal Bridges, Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets Updates

After all, Bridges would be a perfect compliment to budding star Alperen Sengun. He’d also be optimal next to Amen Thompson if he breaks out. This deal could help the Rockets move towards title contention – and cut ties with the Nets in the process. 

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