Pistons Land Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins In NBA Trade Proposal

Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors, NBA Trade Rumors
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In the NBA, trade value can be fickle. We’ve seen a player’s value change in an instant. At one time, they could have fetched a team a haul. Now, nobody seems interested in them. 

Take Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors wouldn’t have moved him two years ago unless they were trading for a superstar. Golden State would be lucky to find someone to take him off their hands. 

What happened? Well, Wiggins’ defensive effort seems to have declined. With that said, some teams could recognize a buy-low opportunity here. Could that team be the Detroit Pistons? 

NBA Trade Proposal 

Golden State Warriors Receive: G/F Joe Harris, F Danilo Gallinari 

Detroit Pistons Receive: G/F Andrew Wiggins 

The trade market can be fickle as well. Last summer, it was a seller’s market. You were getting multiple first-round picks if you had a fringe star to trade. Now, it’s a seller’s market. 

That’s the nature of markets. With that said, NBA contracts don’t tend to fluctuate as wildly. If anything, they seem to increase in size gradually. Look at Wiggins. His annual salary would be enough to pay an MVP candidate in the 1990s. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons Updates

Now, it’s a moderate deal. With that said, it’s still a burdensome one. Wiggins is under contract for years to come, and his play is declining. Should the Pistons take him on? 

Why The Detroit Pistons Do The Deal 

Wiggins’ defensive value may be declining. He still offers more than Bogdanovic or Harris on that end of the floor. That should immediately benefit the Pistons. They’ve been a dreadful defensive team throughout 2023-24. 

The Pistons have been generally woeful. This is the worst team in the NBA. That’s another reason to acquire Wiggins. If nothing else, he brings championship experience to this team. Wiggins could be a mentor. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons Updates

Yes, his contract is a burden. It’s not bad for the Pistons – most of their key players are on rookie deals. By the time this team needs to pay and extend their core, Wiggins’ deal will be easier to move. Should the Warriors move off of that deal now? 

Why The Golden State Warriors Do The Deal 

Moving off of Wiggins’ contract is the primary benefit of this deal for the Warriors. It’s been said that his market value is nearly non-existent; simply dumping his salary should be enough for the Warriors. 

Yet, they may find a use for Harris. He’s never been a valuable defender, but Harris is one of the most reliable floor spacers in the NBA. Adding his knockdown shooting to a Warriors system built on floor spacing could make them a more dangerous team. 

NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors, Detroit Pistons Updates

Still, it’s the financial savings that should entice the Warriors here. This core is getting expensive. The Warriors could use this additional space to retain Klay Thompson or make a run at a bigger free agent. Unfortunately, they didn’t move Wiggins when he had more trade value. 

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