Rockets Trade For Raptors’ Gary Trent Jr. In Bold Proposal

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Kevin Porter Jr. has been arrested on charges of domestic assault. Now, it feels tacky to talk about the implications for the Houston Rockets and their place in the NBA. Yet, it has to be discussed. After all, we can assume that Rockets general manager Rafael Stone is thinking about it. 

IN fact, we know he is. By all accounts, the Rockets are looking to move Porter Jr. Some are wondering how this could be possible. Who would want Porter Jr. now? There’s no world where a team would let him see the floor for them – is there? 

No. Porter Jr.’s time in the NBA has likely come to an end. With that said, his contract is uniquely structured in a way that makes it easy for a team to release him. If the Rockets were willing to attach draft capital to his deal, a team could acquire him, cut him, and keep the draft capital. Could the Toronto Raptors be the team to do it? 

The Trade Proposal 

Toronto Raptors Receive: G/F Kevin Porter Jr., 2024 First-Round Pick (BKN via HOU) 
Houston Rockets Receive: G/F Gary Trent Jr. 

What an ugly situation. It feels wrong to talk about basketball. So, let’s talk about something else. For now, basketball can wait. 

If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, please seek help. Please move on from the abusive relationship. Nobody is worth your physical well-being. Meanwhile, we need to raise awareness about violence against women. This continues to be a tremendous issue in our society. It’s an issue in the NBA as well. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gary Trent Jr, Toronto Raptors & Houston Rockets Updates

The league needs to contend with it. Porter Jr. should be punished swiftly and severely. In fact, the league may end up voiding his contract. That would give any team trading him immediate cap relief. With that in mind, we’ll get back to basketball – should the Raptors seek that relief? 

Why The Toronto Raptors Do The Deal 

Any team acquiring Porter Jr. will have to deal with bad optics. On the other hand, so long as he’s released as soon as possible, the damage could be minimal. The Raptors would not be hosting a press release with Porter Jr. in their uniform. They’re trading for an unprotected first-round pick. 

It might be a valuable one. It’s hard to confidently say where the Nets will land next season. Still, make no mistake – the Nets will not be title contenders. This pick could land in the lottery. If it did, the Raptors would be happy to part with Trent Jr. to land the selection. This team should likely be rebuilding: a lottery pick in 2024 will have a higher ceiling than Trent Jr. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gary Trent Jr, Toronto Raptors & Houston Rockets Updates

Imagine. The Raptors could land Ron Holland or Matas Buzelis from this pick. Even a prospect like Alexandre Sarr would change the trajectory of this franchise. With that said, any first-round pick would mitigate the loss of Trent Jr. Should the Rockets give up a pick with such high potential? 

Why The Houston Rockets Do The Deal 

The Rockets are in a pickle. Leaving the horrifying nature of Porter Jr.’s actions aside, this team intended to rely on him next season. Porter Kr. was the best shooter on this team – now, the Rockets are starved for floor spacing. 

Trent Jr. would help. He’d actually be an upgrade over Porter Jr. in that regard – and he’s a vastly superior defender. Trent Jr. doesn’t have Porter Jr.’s shot-creating or ball-handling abilities, but that’s fine. The Rockets will lean on Fred VanVleet, Jalen Green, Amen Thompson, and Alperen Sengun for half-court creation. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Gary Trent Jr, Toronto Raptors & Houston Rockets Updates

With that in mind, they can spare this pick, too. It won’t be easy – if not for Porter Jr.’s actions, they could have kept it and had a valuable movement shooter in their second unit. That moment has passed. The Rockets need to salvage a season in which they’ve got high expectations. With this deal, they could do so – and put an ugly situation behind them in the process. 

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