3 Trade Suitors To Monitor For Hawks’ Clint Capela

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Sometimes, NBA teams make players available for a certain cost. Sometimes, all rival general managers here are “available”. 

If they’re willing to part with him for one price, isn’t there some wiggle room? What about a comparable price? Could they part with him for the same value in a different package? 

Rival general managers are asking themselves those questions about Clint Capela of the Atlanta Hawks. Apparently, they’d be willing to part with him in pursuit of Pascal Siakam of the Toronto Raptors. 

Fair enough. Still, there’s a bottom line here: the Hawks would be willing to part with Capela. Here are three teams who should monitor his availability. 

Dallas Mavericks 

The Dallas Mavericks are likely the most commonly linked team to Capela. That makes sense. This team obviously has an affinity for rim running, rim-protecting bigs. They just acquired Richaun Holmes, and resigned Dwight Powell. 

Sure. Neither of those guys is distinctly starter quality. By contrast, Capela is one of the best of his archetype in the NBA. He’s an elite rim runner and rim protector. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Clint Capela, Atlanta Hawks & Dallas Mavericks Updates

With that said, he’ll cost Dallas almost everything they’ve got. The Mavericks have the assets to acquire Capela – unless another team outbids them. Could another Texas team be a candidate? 

San Antonio Spurs 

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs don’t have a player like Capela on their roster. They did add an intriguing big man this summer. Obviously, we’re talking about Victor Wembanyama. This is a generational prospect that has the entire NBA world abuzz. 

Allegedly, he doesn’t want to play the 5. That makes sense. Wembanyama has an elite wing span, but he’s thin. He may prefer to avoid the rigors of the physical play that big men endure. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Clint Capela, Atlanta Hawks & San Antonio Spurs Updates

Capela won’t mind banging on the low block. With that said, the Spurs may want to eventually move Wembanyama to the 5. If so, they may not want to spend the assets they’d need to in order to land a player of Capela’s ilk. Is there another team with assets to spare? 

Oklahoma City Thunder 

Re-read the last entry. Take much of what we wrote about Capela, and apply it to Chet Holmgren. Perhaps he doesn’t come with Wembanyama’s hype. Still, Holmgren was the number two pick in 2022. Meanwhile, he’s similarly slight of frame. Will he play the 4 or the 5? 

We’re not sure. With that said, pairing him with a traditional rim protector makes sense. Capela could handle drop coverage, while Holmgren operates as a weak side shot blocker. 

NBA TRADES, NEWS & RUMORS: Clint Capela, Atlanta Hawks & Oklahoma City Thunder Updates

The Oklahoma City Thunder can afford Capela – comfortably. This team has so many first-round picks that they’ll never be able to use them all. If they’re looking to consolidate some of those assets, Capela could help them take a step forward. Assuming, of course, that he’s available. 

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