3 Luka Doncic Trades We’d Love To See This Summer

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The NBA is a serious business. At the same time, its players love what they do. 

At least, they’re supposed to. Sometimes, players lose their love for the game. Perhaps they’re in a bad situation and need a change of scenery. 

Recently, it’s felt like Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks has lost his love for the game. In fact, he basically said as much. Doncic said he’s not getting the same joy from basketball in 2022-23.

We’re not saying the Mavericks should trade Doncic this summer. They shouldn’t. We’re not saying they will – they probably won’t.

Still, it suddenly feels more possible than it did before. 

Here are three Doncic deals we’d love to see in the event that he demands the trade.