Bold NBA Trade Scenario Moves Eric Gordon, Jae Crowder

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Being the “adult in the room” is about as fun as it sounds. Picture a child’s birthday party. Hopefully, the kids are having fun. If they are, that means somebody is supervising – and probably cleaning up messes in the process. It’s not a spot that NBA veterans like to be in.

If a longtime player finds themselves on a young team, they’re probably not too happy – especially if that team is losing a lot of games. 

For example, look at Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets. His dissatisfaction with this tanking organization is easy to see. In all likelihood, he’d be happier on a veteran squad. 

Jae Crowder is in a different situation, but he also needs a change of scenery after sitting out for the Phoenix Suns’ whole season.

There is a pathway where Gordon and Crowder can get that change of scenery. Perhaps doing so could involve them each being involved in the same multi-team trade?

Here’s a deal that accomplishes precisely that.