This Cavs-Mavs Trade Features Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Do The Deal

Yes. Next question. Really, this question can be framed in a different light: how many strong offensive options does each team have? For the Cavaliers, the answer is simple – enough. 

Donovan Mitchell is probably the first option here. At the same time, Darius Garland would like a word. Even Evan Mobley has the potential to develop into a star-caliber offensive player sooner than later. 

On the other hand, the Mavericks could use a wing that spaces the floor and defends. Hardaway Jr. isn’t an all-world stopper, but he’s solid on that end of the floor.

Considering that he’s an elite spacer, he’d bring some balance to this Cavaliers’ roster. 

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After all, you can’t have enough shooting during the three-point revolution. 

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