This Hornets-Timberwolves Trade Features Karl-Anthony Towns

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Talent is the first prerequisite for winning games in the NBA. If you don’t have an immensely talented team, you simply can’t expect to win much. 

With that said, fit matters too. A poorly constructed roster will also struggle to win, no matter how much talent it has. The best teams have elite talent that plays well together. 

The Charlotte Hornets are a little light on talent. LaMelo Ball is a franchise player, but he could use a co-star. The ragtag collection of veterans on this roster probably isn’t enough to elevate them to title contention. 

By contrast, the Minnesota Timberwolves have plenty of talent, but they don’t seem to fit well together.

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So far, their attempts to pair Karl-Anthony Towns with Rudy Gobert in the frontcourt have not been successful. 

If they traded one or the other before the season was over, that wouldn’t come as a shock. Here’s a deal that has them sending Towns to the Hornets.