Detroit Pistons Land Kristaps Porzingis In Major Trade Scenario

Detroit Pistons
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Why The Detroit Pistons Do The Deal

Frankly, there are downsides for the Pistons here. 

Firstly, Porzingis is injury prone. Parting with a first-round pick only to see him get hurt would be a crushing blow to this organization. That’s a very real concern for the Pistons here. 

Furthermore, some would suggest that this is not optimal for player development. To be sure, Porzingis is best optimized at the 5. Meanwhile, Isaiah Stewart has flashed potential in his NBA career, and the Pistons just drafted Jalen Duren. 

This isn’t a no-brainer for the Pistons. It’s still worth thinking about. Porzingis’ ability to space the floor from the 5 would give the Pistons maximized spacing.

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In turn, that would maximize their exciting young backcourt of Cunningham and Jaden Ivey. Meanwhile, the Pistons could let their young guys develop in practice: 

After all, this year is about winning games.