Detroit Pistons Land Kristaps Porzingis In Major Trade Scenario

Washington Wizards
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Why The Washington Wizards Do The Deal 

Charting a course for the Wizards is confusing. Realistically, that’s the case with any team in their position. 

Some would argue that if they intend on bottoming out, they ought to move Beal. Fair enough. On the other hand, this organization appears to have no intention of doing so.

Moreover, they manage to be consistently subpar even while intending to win around Beal. Trading his co-star for spare parts could be a way to get them in the race for the number one pick. 

If that were a race the Wizards wanted to enter, this is the year to do it. After all, the 2023 draft is looking stacked. Victor Wembenyama is already a household name, and there are plenty of other intriguing options in the mix as well. 

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Meanwhile, Bagley III certainly looked better in Detroit last season than he’d looked throughout his entire tenure with the Sacramento Kings.

Realistically, the Wizards are flipping Porzingis for him and a first-round pick here. They’ll hope that by taking this short-term rebuilding measure, they’ll be able to reach new heights in the Beal era soon. 

What does this deal do for the Cunningham era in Detroit?