Detroit Pistons Land Kristaps Porzingis In Major Trade Scenario

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Washington Wizards Receive: F/C Marvin Bagley III, G/F Alec Burks, G Kemba Walker, 2025 First-Round Pick (DET) 
Detroit Pistons Receive: F/C Kristaps Porzingis 

While there may be something admirable about an NBA team avoiding tanking, at a certain point, it can become foolish. 

Suppose your team is mediocre, year after year. Eventually, wouldn’t you want it to take advantage of the exact system that’s intended to help bad teams improve? Why keep barely missing, or barely making the playoffs? 

Surely, Washington Wizards fans have grappled with these questions. Without fail, this team wins between 35 and 40 games per season. They’re never good enough to contend, and never bad enough to land a marquee prospect either. To put it bluntly, the Wizards are in a rut. 

By all appearances, they intend on forging ahead in 2022-23. In all fairness, the Wizards are fairly deep, and a bounce-back season from Porzingis could make them sneakily competitive.

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At the same time, nobody would be shocked if this team ended up right back in the 35-to-40 win range. 

Is this the right deal to help them avoid repeating history?