San Antonio Spurs Land Jordan Poole In Major Trade Scenario

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The subject of parity is a hotly contested one in NBA circles. 

Does the league have enough parity? Does it need more? Furthermore, does imposing rules that are intended to preserve parity force undue limitations on teams? 

None of these questions are easy to answer. With that said, the NBA’s salary cap is intended to create a degree of parity.  It ensures that teams will at least struggle to simply buy a more talented roster.

Unfortunately, it can also penalize teams for building one as well. 

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Just ask the Golden State Warriors. Their 2021-22 championship roster was the epitome of “built, not bought” ethos. Soon enough, it’s likely to be too expensive for them to maintain anyway. 

Here’s a deal that has them getting ahead of that problem, and getting some value for Jordan Poole.