Sacramento Kings Land Caris LeVert In Major Trade Scenario

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In the NBA, every team is trying to create the perfect recipe for winning an NBA championship. Any good recipe starts with the right ingredients, whether you’re talking about food or basketball. 

Let’s talk about food. What makes a good meal? Well, there are basically two components – taste and nutritional value. Everyone enjoys a delicious meal that clogs their arteries on occasion.

On the other hand, you may not enjoy a more nutritious meal, but you’d better be eating them once in a while. Still, the perfect meal accomplishes both goals. 

In the NBA, shot-creating and playmaking are tasty, but three-point shooting and defense are fundamentally essential. Still, you’re not going to build the perfect team without both. 

Caris LeVert offers plenty of shot creation, but he doesn’t do much for your floor-spacing or your defense. Meanwhile, his Cavaliers could use a slightly more nutritious wing.

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After all, they just added Donovan Mitchell to a backcourt already featuring Darius Garland – this offense is not going to run through LeVert. 

Here’s a deal that has him landing in Sacramento while getting the Cavs the type of player they need.