Brooklyn Nets Land Nikola Vucevic In Major Trade Scenario

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Throughout NBA history, there have been very few perfect players – if there’ve been any at all. 

Many would argue that LeBron James comes closest. Others would suggest that Michael Jordan fits the description. Of course, we’ve just named two players that many consider to be the two best in the history of the sport. 

Moreover, neither is necessarily perfect. James is a great, multi-positional defender, but we all know his effort on that end of the ball has waned during the regular season in recent years. On the other hand, Jordan was never equipped to guard the league’s big men in the first place. 

Otherwise, it’s hard to land on an example of perfection. Even the league’s most talented players have flaws. For example, Ben Simmons is an elite defender, but his inability to shoot requires him to play alongside a stretch big man.

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On the other hand, stretch big man Nikola Vucevic is a stretch big, but his defensive limitations require him to be paired with a strong player on that end. 

Wouldn’t the two make for a perfect pair?