Brooklyn Nets Land Nikola Vucevic In Major Trade Scenario

Nikola Vucevic, Chicago Bulls
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Chicago Bulls Receive: G/F Joe Harris, C Nic Claxton 
Brooklyn Nets Receive: C Nikola Vucevic 

Having said all of that, stardom doesn’t require perfection in the NBA. If it did, there would be roughly two fringe stars in the history of the league. 

Instead, stardom is generally defined by the extent to which a player dominates in the areas where they’re strong. When a player is elite in an area or two, or weak in another, it’s up to his team to build around those weaknesses. 

Often times, that requires a team to acquire specialists. Those players also tend to be flawed – they just excel in areas of the game that don’t lend themselves to stardom.

The league’s best players are shot creators and playmakers, but there’s always a place for floor spacers and defenders, too. 

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For example, look at Joe Harris and Nic Claxton. Neither is a perfect player, and neither is even a star. On the other hand, each possesses vital skills that will ensure them a place in the NBA as long as their bodies will allow them to play. 

Are they the right pieces for this Bulls team to add?