Pelicans Land Kyrie Irving In Blockbuster Trade Scenario

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Listen. It’s OK to admit it. We don’t blame you: You’re tired of reading about Kyrie Irving. How could you not be? Over the last several NBA seasons, the Brooklyn Nets’ point guard has made a habit of grabbing headlines.

Often, he’s not doing so for the right reasons. Irving has routinely missed games for non-basketball reasons. He stomps on iconic logos.

He’s a powderkeg of divisive opinions and eccentric behavior. Realistically, that’s why the Nets seem to have an interest in finding him a new home this summer.

In spite of all that, Irving remains one of the most talented point guards in the entire National Basketball Association.

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If he wasn’t, we’d probably be finished talking about him.

Since we’re not, here’s a blockbuster trade that sends Irving to the New Orleans Pelicans.