3 New Kyrie Irving Trades For Brooklyn Nets To Consider

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Any NBA team would prefer to enter any given summer with a clear plan of attack. Knowing what your next move will be is always helpful when it comes to actually making that move.

With that said, every team won’t be afforded that luxury. Several factors can muddy a team’s outlook heading into a new season. For example, a trade request from a superstar, or alternatively, the presence of an unreliable star the organization would like to trade.

It appears the Brooklyn Nets are facing both of those issues. Kevin Durant has requested a trade. Meanwhile, it already seemed apparent that the organization wanted to trade Kyrie Irving.

To what extent those two factors are related remains a mystery. It’s hard to fault the Nets for looking to move Irving. He’s made a habit of missing basketball games that he was healthy enough to play in over the last few seasons.

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Still, some team is likely to roll the dice on his prodigious talent.

Here are three fresh trade ideas that have a few teams around the NBA opting to do so.