This Pacers-Wizards Trade Swaps Myles Turner, Kristaps Porzingis

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There is no exact science to managing an NBA team. If there were, every organization would be run with the same principles.

Instead, there are vastly divergent schools of thought on the best approach to building a winning team. Ultimately, each is dependent on luck as much as anything else.

Some will advocate for “tanking”, which essentially means losing on purpose for a few seasons. The idea here is to maximize your lottery odds in hopes of landing a franchise player or two through the draft.

Others will suggest that those measures establish a losing culture. Opponents of tanking will tell you that a team is better off drafting as well they can from the position they earn, and otherwise make smart roster decisions until you build a contender.

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By now, the Pacers seem committed to a more traditional rebuild (if not an outright tank), while the Wizards seem committed to staying the course.

With that in mind, here’s a trade that could benefit both sides this summer.