3 Bold NBA Trades We’d Like To See After Deandre Ayton Signing

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During the NBA’s offseason, it’s helpful to think of each player as a domino. Sometimes, nobody can move until that first piece drops.

Yesterday’s activity won’t trigger that reaction. When the Indiana Pacers offered Deandre Ayton a max extension, the possibility of a significant roster change existed. It just didn’t live for very long.

After all, the Phoenix Suns decided to match that offer. Nobody should be shocked by that decision. Letting a recent number one pick walk for nothing would have been an unforgivable misstep.

Now, Ayton can’t be traded until January 15th. In other words, the Phoenix Suns may find themselves out of the running for Kevin Durant.

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At the very least, their odds of landing him have decreased. Obviously, this impacts the entire trade market.

Still, there are plenty of league-altering moves that could still be made. Here are three that we’d like to see this summer.