3 Intriguing Sign & Trade Scenarios For Cavaliers’ Collin Sexton

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The NBA’s trade market is like an economy of its own. Just like the global economy, it can be difficult to understand.

Value fluctuates so rapidly that it’s hard to keep track of. Players who, even a couple of short years ago, would have commanded a hefty return on the open market, suddenly don’t have suitors.

Take Collin Sexton. In 2020-21, he averaged 24.3 points per game. What’s more, he’s only 23. Yet somehow, reports keep indicating that the market for his services is tepid.

Granted, Sexton is not a flawless player. He’s defensively limited. He tends to suffer from tunnel vision on offense, looking for his own baskets far more often than his teammates.

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He’s still a remarkably gifted young scorer who has room to improve in both of those areas.

Here are three sign & trade scenarios for him in case any of these front offices feel the same way.