3 Intriguing Free Agency Destinations For Dennis Schroder

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For the second consecutive NBA free agency period, Dennis Schroder has been met with a relatively cool market. Schroder infamously turned down a four-year deal worth north of $80 million from the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2020-21 season, expecting to land a contract that paid him more than $100 million in free agency.

That contract never came, as Schroder ended up signing a one-year deal worth $5.9 million with the Boston Celtics. That is a far cry from what the Lakers offered him and well short of what he and his representation thought he would sign for. That landed Schroder in the fumbled bag Hall of Fame.

He played well for the Celtics, averaging 14.4 points with 4.2 assists and 3.3 rebounds splitting time as a starter and coming off the bench. He was traded to the Houston Rockets ahead of the deadline, averaging 10.9 points, 5.9 assists and 3.3 rebounds per game.

While not as productive as when he was challenging for Sixth Man of the Year, that is solid production for Schroder given the circumstances of the teams he landed with.

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In Boston, he was a complementary player and in Houston, he ceded touches to the younger players as the team was rebuilding.

It is a little bit surprising that he is once again being met with a cold market, as he will more than likely have to settle for another one-year deal. He could earn a little more money depending on the mid-level exception that he is offered and which team that he lands with.

Who could show some interest in him now that the dust is settling on free agency? Here are three intriguing destinations for Schroder to land this offseason.