Best Trade Packages For Intriguing Names In Latest NBA Rumors

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The NBA offseason is officially underway. It’s time for rumors, smoke screens, and outright lies. Isn’t it perfect?

Every team in the league has some change they’d like to make this summer. For the league’s better teams, those changes may be minor. A backup point guard here or a veteran reserve there might satisfy their needs.

Other teams will entertain more radical overhauls. They may feel that they’ve hit a ceiling. Sometimes, interpersonal conflicts become untenable.

For a variety of reasons, some teams will look dramatically different in 2022-23.

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What those teams will do is anybody’s guess. Generally, the more volatile a situation is, the harder it is to predict what will happen. That’s not going to stop us from trying.

Here are the best trade packages we could come up with for some of the most intriguing names in the latest NBA rumors.