These 3 Teams Should Monitor Trade Market For Kings’ Richaun Holmes

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Richaun Holmes quickly went from an NBA darling to forgotten, as players often do wasting away in Sacramento. Fans and analysts saw that Holmes had developed his game and was becoming a valuable asset on both ends of the court ahead of his free agency in 2021.

Holmes was expected to cash in after a breakout season in which he averaged 14.2 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks. He was reportedly looking for a contract that would pay him $20 million per year at some point in that season.

While he didn’t quite hit that territory, he did receive a major payday after inking a four-year/$46 million deal to stay with the Kings.

He’s made the best of a tumultuous situation in Sacramento but should probably be preparing to move soon. The Kings began a franchise reset last season when they traded second-year star Tyrese Haliburton for Domantas Sabonis, a borderline All-Star who plays best at the center position like Holmes.

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They made that deal in hopes of making the playoffs this postseason but fell well short of their lofty goal. Now, they’ll have to continue to make moves to build a contender around their new core of De’Aaron Fox and Sabonis.

Sacramento has plenty of useful veteran players that other teams would love to poach from a franchise so clearly under duress. Here are a few organizations that should be monitoring Richaun Holmes’s future in Sacramento.