This Celtics-Kings Trade Is Focused On De’Aaron Fox

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The Sacramento Kings are floating around the bottom of the Western Conference right now. Unfortunately, that’s been the case for them for the better part of the last two decades. It hasn’t been pretty in Sactown as the NBA trade deadline approaches, to say the least.

Things have gotten so stale that recent rumors have stated that the Kings are willing to part ways with De’Aaron Fox and/or Tyrese Haliburton in trades.

Their star backcourt has been the highlight of the season so far, but it’s become evident that change is needed in Sacramento.

Parting ways with one of their stars could mean one of two things. Either they try to find a different young star that pairs well with the one they don’t trade, or they trade one for depth and young assets in hopes of building a competent, all-around team.

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This is where the Boston Celtics could come into play. They’ve been struggling to live up to expectations this season, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that changes are needed in Boston as well. Maybe the two sides could figure out some sort of deal?

Since Haliburton is still under his rookie deal, maybe the Sacramento Kings would be more inclined to trade Fox. With that in mind, what trade is there to be done that would send Fox to Boston? What could the Kings get in return for their current franchise star?