This Lakers-Sixers Trade Swaps Russell Westbrook, Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA Trade Rumors
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Los Angeles Lakers Receive: Ben Simmons, Danny Green
Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Russell Westbrook, 2023 Second-Round Pick, 2025 Second-Round Pick

Wow, what a trade between these two teams. It would certainly accomplish the goal of getting rid of their main issue. This would be a big enough trade to shake up the entire landscape of the NBA.

There are some questions that each team would have to ask themselves before making this trade.

For the Lakers, would Simmons be able to come in and show up to play each and every night? On the other side for the 76ers, is Westbrook capable of fitting in alongside Joel Embiid?

Quite simply, this is worth a shot for both teams. With the way they have played to begin the season, neither team is a legitimate contender.

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Making a big deal at this point in the year would give them plenty of time to be firing on all cylinders by the end of the regular season.

Some fans won’t like this deal, but it is one that could make sense depending on where each team thinks they sit right now.

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