This Mavericks-Nets Trade Is Centered Around Kyrie Irving

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There isn’t a team with a better record in the Eastern Conference than the Brooklyn Nets, who are 14-5 and are riding a four-game win streak. The team has been led by their NBA superstar duo of Kevin Durant and James Harden even with Harden getting off to a slow start to kick things off.

The Nets have managed to get the job done without Kyrie Irving appearing in any of their regular-season games to start the season, who remains sidelined due to his non-compliance with the New York City COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

With the growing concern of the new strain of COVID-19, there is some reason to question whether the Nets should be more motivated to look to trade Irving before there is a firmer stance from New York City when it comes to announcing their intention to uphold the current mandate for a longer duration of time.

Not only is Irving’s trade value at stake, but the Nets’ ability to add key pieces of a potential championship are, too. Waiting to act could prove to be problematic, to say the least.

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The Dallas Mavericks, on the other hand, have managed to tread water in the Western Conference in the early going of the 2021-22 season. The team’s 10-7 record puts them in the fourth spot but with just 1.5 games separating them from the bottom of the play-in bracket.

Let’s take a look at an NBA trade scenario that would land Kyrie Irving with the Dallas Mavericks — returning him to NBA action while giving the Brooklyn Nets a few pieces.

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