This Kings-Sixers Trade Is Centered Around De’Aaron Fox

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Why Philadelphia 76ers Do This Trade

The Philadelphia 76ers have to trade Ben Simmons at this point. It is the only option, and if they do end up holding onto him into the regular season, they do quite well in this deal.

This is in line with the offers they are likely going to get and they should be happy with this outcome. Given the offensive flaws in Simmons’ game and his value being as low as it has ever been, getting back a point guard such as De’Aaron Fox is an excellent centerpiece.

Fox isn’t the best shooter, making 32.6 percent of his 3-pointers in his career. But, he will put a ton of pressure on opposing defenses with his relentless attacking of the basket. He is coming off a career-high 25.1 points per game, bringing an offensive punch to the table Simmons may never provide.

He made 76.1 percent of his shots at the rim, and 60.1 percent of his layups, which is unheard of for a point guard, especially one that was there as frequently as Fox was.

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Buddy Hield is an excellent fit alongside De’Aaron Fox and Joel Embiid given his above-average 3-point shooting. Hield is a high-volume shooter from distance but connects at 40.6 percent in his career. He will get even more open looks in Philadelphia’s offense.

The 2022 first-round pick could be the best asset. The Sacramento Kings could very well be a lottery team again, which would make this pick even more valuable. Philadelphia could use it to bolster a trade package for another established player or help move off of contracts to open cap space.

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