This Kings-Sixers Trade Is Centered Around De’Aaron Fox

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Why Sacramento Kings Do This Trade

The Sacramento Kings need to do something to shake things up. They have tied the NBA record for consecutive years without a playoff appearance at 15. It will be tough to make that happen, but acquiring a 25-year old All-Star in Ben Simmons and a proven veteran in Danny Green would certainly give them a fighting chance.

The Kings struggled mightily on defense last season. They finished last in the NBA in defensive rating with the worst mark in NBA history. Both Simmons and Green would help turn that around instantly.

Simmons is one of the best defenders in the NBA. He has already made two All-Defensive teams and a Defensive Player of the Year award could very well be in his future. His ability to defend all five spots on the court with success is not something many players can say they are capable of doing.

Green is one of the more steady wing defenders in the NBA. He can still slow down opposing guards at either spot but can also match up with small forwards. 

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It would be a worthwhile swap for the Kings, as Green is a solid 3-point shooter as well. He doesn’t shoot with the volume of Buddy Hield, but as a 40.1 percent shooter and improved defense, Green is an upgrade.

Simmons’ shortcomings offensively likely will result in less impactful scoring compared to De’Aaron Fox, but he is just as good of a playmaker and the rebounding and defense are two things the Kings certainly need more of.

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Trading away the 2022 first-round pick is risky, but for a team that needs a shake-up, it is a worthwhile gamble to take. Not every day does a 25-year old multi-time All-Stars become available to trade for. If the opportunity presents itself to land a player like that with star qualities, you have to pull the trigger.