3 trade packages the 76ers could offer for Bradley Beal

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Let me preface this entire article by saying that is undetermined if Bradley Beal will request a trade from the Washington Wizards this NBA offseason.

There are reports that indicate of a possible desire to be traded from Beal, but the All-Star shooting guard hasn’t said anything himself.

In the event that Beal does want out of Washington, there are a conglomerate of teams that would love to have a chance to make an offer to the Wizards, including the Philadelphia 76ers.

Of the teams listed as potential pursuers of Beal, the 76ers, the Atlanta Hawks, the Golden State Warriors, the Miami Heat, and the Boston Celtics are all in the mix.

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Beal continues to ponder his future in Washington and the team’s recent coaching change could be enough for him to move on.

While we await a potential trade involving Beal, let’s take a look at a few hypothetical trade scenarios that would send Beal to the 76ers.