Predictions for Stars in NBA Rumors: Beal, Simmons, Westbrook, Leonard, Turner

Russell Westbrook, Washington Wizards, Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers, Bradley Beal, Indiana Pacers, Myles Turner, Ben Simmons, Philadelphia 76ers
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The NBA offseason is the wildest time on the league’s calendar, so many rumors swirl as teams and players angle for the best possible trade scenarios.

Things will get started this week when the 2021 NBA Draft takes place. It will be the first time for teams to officially make new additions to their roster and there will certainly be a ton of action that night.

Several teams are looking to trade their draft picks for established players and make a run at the postseason next year. Some teams want to move up in the draft to target a higher-ranked prospect as well.

That will make for a lot of things happening, as the draft is also when we can see some big named players on the move. There are a lot of rumors swirling about some All-Star level players being on the move this offseason and the draft will offer some teams a great opportunity at executing one of those deals.

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Bradley Beal, Myles Turner, Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook are some of the bigger named players we have seen on the rumor mill. Kawhi Leonard, despite having to undergo surgery, is the biggest free agent available.

Where could these players end up? Here are some predictions for big stars in NBA rumors.