5 intriguing young players who could be traded in the NBA offseason

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The upcoming NBA offseason is undoubtedly going to possess a lot of interesting moves in NBA free agency and by way of trades.

There are big-name players that have been mentioned as possible trade candidates with certain teams already parting ways with their head coaches, insinuating that there could be roster changes brewing for those respective teams.

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Names like Bradley Beal, Kemba Walker, Kristaps Porzingis, and others are all notable players who have been mentioned in NBA circles as potential trade candidates. While the star players will dominate headlines, what about the younger players that could be dealt to a new team in the offseason?

Sometimes there are teams that make moves in the offseason that somewhat go under the radar, especially when it comes to acquiring young talent.

With a handful of players expected to be the main attractions of the offseason, these are a few intriguing young players who could be headed elsewhere via trade in the coming months.

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